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Immunotherapy is one of the fastest-growing areas of new drug development.  There are two main categories – Active Immunotherapy and Passive Immunotherapy. 

Active immunotherapies (a.k.a. therapeutic vaccines) involve internally stimulating the body’s own immune system to generate a targeted, durable treatment against a specific disease or condition.  Passive immunotherapies also employ the immune system but rely on antigen-specific antibodies engineered outside of the body which are repeatedly administered for treatment effect.

KLH in Active Immunotherapy

KLH can be used as a carrier molecule or immune stimulant in certain active immunotherapies being developed for a wide range of conditions including cancers, inflammatory disease, immune disorders, and Alzheimer’s.

KLH in TDAR Immunotoxicology

KLH is well known as a safe, potent stimulator of humoral and cellular immune responses. It plays a vital role in research and clinical studies as an antigen for assessing immune function and in immunotoxicology studies such as monitoring the immunosuppressive effects of drug candidates.


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