New Research

Stellar Biotechnologies’ commitment to innovation is focused on developing new KLH-related technologies.

We are pioneering cutting-edge advancements in KLH manufacturing, and gaining fresh insight into the biochemical complexities of the KLH molecule.

One exciting facet of Stellar Biotechnologies’ research involves exploring the important differences between forms and preparations of KLH. We have R&D programs working to leverage those differences into potential new products.

Another example of Stellar’s research is our work testing ranges of KLH-conjugate models. Our aim is to accumulate valuable information that will improve the predictive outcome of KLH-based immunotherapies.

Our collaborations with companies and researchers are generating new potential uses for Stellar KLH™ as a key ingredient in immunotherapies targeting many of the world’s most challenging diseases – cancers, immune disorders, inflammatory diseases, and Alzheimer’s.

We believe that growing our KLH know-how is essential to maintaining a strong foundation for long-term commercial success in the immunotherapy industry.

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