Core Business

Stellar Biotechnologies’ unique competency in KLH is a strong technology platform and the hallmark of our business.

Stellar KLH™ is the culmination of decades of highly specialized research and development in the manufacture of KLH protein and a range of disciplines – from marine sciences to immunology to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We are positioning to be the only company that can meet the long-term demand for GMP grade KLH by providing a sustainable, scalable source.

We have considerable intellectual property related to the manufacture of KLH and the engineering of stabilized formulations.

We operate the only facility of its kind – an oceanfront site that is dedicated to sustaining the one species that produces KLH protein. We developed a patented method for harvesting KLH without harming the source animal and we reported the first-ever ability to sustain multiple generations of the Giant Keyhole Limpet (Megathura crenulata) in controlled, land-based facilities.

The result is a technology platform from which Stellar can ensure that future immunotherapies have plentiful supplies of high-quality KLH.

  • World's only demonstrated aquaculture technology for sustainable growth and cultivation of Megathura crenulataand production of GMP-quality KLH.
  • Proprietary manufacturing and purification methods for GMP grade KLH.
  • Product specifications tailored to meet pharmaceutical standards and custom dose forms.
  • Deep knowledge of KLH biochemistry and immunology.

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