Strategy & Partnering

Stellar Biotechnologies is focused in the area of active immunotherapy, specializing in the manufacture of KLH protein and the development of KLH-based products.

We have important intellectual property related to the processing, purification and engineering of stabilized formulations of KLH protein.  Stellar’s controls, certifications, facilities, and compliance are industry-leading.

Our customers and partners include multinational biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, contract research organizations, and research centers.

We are collaborating on development and evaluation projects with a number of companies who are evaluating our Stellar KLH™ products for use in their immunotherapy programs.

We are actively pursuing new partnership opportunities to expand and complement our existing programs.

Key Benefits of Working with Stellar

  • Over 15 years of KLH production expertise
  • The only demonstrated aquaculture systems for sustainable, scalable production of fully-traceable, GMP grade KLH
  • Proprietary manufacturing and purification
  • Experienced operations team
  • Environmental champion
  • Deep knowledge of KLH biochemistry
  • Business development and commercial experience

Our Strategic Partners Include

  • Amaran Biotechnology
  • Neovacs
  • Araclon Biotech SL (Grifols)

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