Sustainable KLH Technologies for Growing Markets


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Stellar KLH products are known for their high quality and consistency.  We offer KLH protein in a variety of forms as well as a broad suite of Stellar KLH™ ELISA test kits.

Steller Protein
Steller ELISA

KLH Protein for Vaccine Conjugation
KLH Protein for TDAR & Immune Function Testing
KLH Multivalent Adjuvants
Custom Services

 Anti-KLH ELISA Test Kits


Most Trusted Source
It all starts here.  Stellar Biotechnologies' strategically located facility and over thirty years of experience in successful, world-leading aquaculture systems.

  • Security and quality control of KLH from source to product
  • Clean, traceable native molecule
  • Continuity of data
  • Sustainable cultivation
  • Leading KLH practices

Proprietary Process
Fortified by Stellar Biotechnologies' patented protein production and refinement methods.

  • Pure, liquid formulation KLH (never lyophilized)
  • Reliable, predictable products
  • High immunogenicity of native molecule
  • Long-term scalable supply

Stellar KLH™ Products & Services
Quality products for every KLH need.

  • High Molecular Weight (HMW) & Subunit formulations
  • GMP and research grades
  • Pharmaceutical bulk intermediates
  • KLH multivalent adjuvant platform
  • ELISA and custom assays
  • KLH biochemistry and immunobiology expertise

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