Sustainable KLH Technologies for Growing Markets


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Stellar Aquaculture, Production and Quality Control
Stellar Biotechnologies research and manufacturing facilities are located directly on the Pacific Ocean with dedicated, land-based aquaculture.

Stellar’s location is a proprietary asset that cannot be duplicated. It allows our marine scientists to work in close proximity to naturally resident Megathura crenulata colonies. Stellar is at the forefront in developing protective measures and environmentally sound practices.

Pioneering Aquaculture

Our Aquaculture program is the culmination of decades of highly-specialized development and a range of disciplines. We’ve set an unprecedented benchmark for KLH manufacturing and we are proud to represent an environmental milestone in the process.

Stellar Biotechnologies manages the source, quality, and supply of KLH to a degree that no other company has achieved.

New Achievement
In 2012, Stellar Biotechnologies achieved an industry milestone in aquaculture science by successfully controlling the complete life cycle of multiple generations of the Giant Keyhole Limpet (Megathura crenulata), the scarce marine source for Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH).

Stellar’s leading aquaculture program now boasts multiple generations of the Giant Keyhole Limpet, grown entirely within the Company’s own land-based facility.  Stellar achieved this industry milestone by developing proprietary methods that successfully support the entire life cycle of this special marine creature – from embryo to the protein-producing adult mollusk.

Stellar has long been the only company capable of producing sustainable supplies of KLH protein that are fully traceable and controlled, key criteria for pharmaceutical partners.

With this latest achievement, Stellar can produce KLH protein from limpets under the Company’s control throughout the entire life cycle, as well as cultivate thriving new generations. 

This allows Stellar to deliver an unprecedented level of control over KLH source and traceability for pharmaceutical customers, while ensuring survival of a wild species.

Other KLH suppliers are reliant on the small and sensitive, wild population of the Giant Keyhole Limpet and cannot offer KLH that meets Stellar Biotechnologies’ standards.

Our proprietary manufacturing facilities, methods and certifications are unmatched.

Security and control

  • Clean, traceable KLH from native source to finished product
  • Continuity of data
  • Known origin of material

Consistent, predictable, quality product

  • High immunogenicity
  • Stabilized, liquid formulations, never lyophilized
  • Purity (high purity, low endotoxin, and bioburden levels)
  • Viral removal technology in the manufacturing process provides additional assurance of viral clearance for safety

Environmentally sound practices

  • Sustainable cultivation
  • Renewable supply
  • Long-term scalable supply